Bucket List

UPDATE: I have created a page which contains the most up to date version of my bucket list. I will no longer update this post.

During my recent trip to Europe, John and I spent 22 hours on a bus travelling from Glasgow, UK to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, this bus had not been equipped with WiFi yet and I only brought a textbook for reading. I felt like brushing up on my sophomore level proof skills with How to Read and Do Proofs. Well, on a 22 hour bus ride, there are only so many Q.E.D.’s a mind can take. So with no WiFi, no book, and no laptop to write; I opened a Memo Notepad on my phone and spent the bus ride daydreaming about my bucket list and recording my hopeful adventures.

Here is what I came up with:

  • Rock climb:
    • Zion National Park
    • in a foreign country
    • New River gorge
    • Rocky Mountain National Park
    • Red River Gorge
    • Yosemite
  • Boulder:
    • Hueco Tanks, TX
    • Hawaii
  • Snowboard:
    • Park City
    • Colorado
    • Canada
    • Alps
  • Hike:
    • The West Highland Way
    • Timpanogos Mountain in Utah County
    • New England Trail
    • Natchez Trace Trail
    • Potomac Heritage Trail
    • Arizona Trail
    • Florida Trail
    • Ice Age Trail
    • Pacific Northwest Trail
    • Appalachian Trail
    • Pacific Crest Trail
    • Continental Divide Trail
    • North Country Trail
    • Mount Blanc
  • Travel:
    • See the northern lights with my best friend, Summer
    • Alaska
    • Paris, France icons (Tour Eiffel, Notre Dame, etc.)
    • Cycle through Amsterdam
    • Nashville, TN
    • Australia. Yes, all of it.
    • Yellowstone
    • Disney World
    • Go to the World Bagpiping Championships in Glasgow
    • Road trip across the USA
    • Smith Rocks in Oregon
  • School:
    • Graduate with a BS in Applied Mathematics
    • Graduate with an MS in Operations Research
    • Complete US Navy Nuclear Power Training
    • Study Psychology
  • Music:
    • Take singing lessons
    • Play flute in a pit orchestra for theatre
    • Become a Grade II bagpiper
  • Become fluent in 3 languages
  • Run a Marathon

I plan to add to this list as more ideas come my way and cross things off as I experience them. If you have any bucket list items you think I should add, or if you know of any resources that could help in accomplishing the ones already listed, please comment and let me know! Or visit my Contact page and shoot me an email.


16 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. That is an exciting bucket list! If you ever go to allaska and australia, Pleaase write about it! Did you like Amsterdam? I have been there a lot but never went cycling.. Oh and I love your theme as well. And now I am going to stop rambling. Goodnight!


    • Thank you Hailey! I’m assuming that’s your name.. Yes, I definitely plan to write about all of those adventures. Amsterdam was fantastic! The second day we were there, we took a 20 minute bus ride out to a town called Zaanse Schans and biked 30 miles through the countryside. I actually enjoyed that more than the cycling through Amsterdam.

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  2. Your list is quite specific except for one thing: do you have any idea which three languages you would like to be fluent in?
    If you ever go back to France, try the South – there are some beautiful areas around Marseille or Valence where you could climb 🙂


  3. I love the list and that Australia made it on there. It maybe ambitious to see ALL of Australia, however, I would recommend that you get off the beaten track and explore the hidden gems. I am an Aussie and have travelled through some of this beautiful country, by no means all of it, but when you do plan my favourite places include Brisbane (its the gateway to so many stunning places), Melbourne (the hidden cafe’s are amazing), Stradbroke Island or Fraser Island and then head inland to somewhere like Longreach, Broken Hill or head even more remote and explore the Northern Territory. The places on my Aussie wish list include, the great ocean road, the train from Adelaide to Darwin, Broome and the driving up to the Cape. Happy travels.


  4. Megan, great list. Check out Smith Rocks near Bend Oregon. You might find it list-worthy. I’ve been through the Wasatch in the summer on the way to Flaming Gorge, but would love to ski there in the winter some time. I have access to a condo near Bear Lake. What is your opinion of that part of Utah?


    • Oh my goodness, thank you for the suggestion! I just Google Imaged it and yes, yes I am definitely adding it to my list.
      As for that part of Utah, I have never been that far north to Bear Lake, but I love northern Utah in general. Especially if you are hoping to go skiing. My favorite resorts are Snowbird and Brighton. Sundance is the one I frequented the most because it was so close to my hometown. Let me know how your trip goes when you do end up skiing in that area!

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