Thank you, Travel

Thank You ____ for _____.

Utah County, UT | giving a setting to my childhood.

Guatamala | hard candy and worry dolls.

Dublin, Ireland | fish and chips, breweries, and Trinity College.

Dakar, Sénégal | smiles that accompany Alhamdulilah‘s.

Kingston, ON Canada | nice bagpipers and poutine.

New York, NY | my first fireball shot.

Annapolis, MD | four years by the bay.

Washington, D.C. | un-teaching me how to drive.

Rockville, MD | America’s largest climbing gym.

Philadelphia, PA | Army-Navy football and Radio 104.5.

Lille, France | new friends with the sun in their hearts.

Glasgow, Scotland (UK) | bagpipes, kilts, and haggis.

Loch Ness, Scotland (UK) | Nessie.

Trier, Germany | evening porch conversations with a new friend and fine wine.

Zaanse Schans, Netherlands | maps that aren’t oriented north leading to endless bike rides through windmills and farms.

Zion National Park, UT | red rock.

Las Vegas, NV | memories of loved ones long since gone.

New River Gorge, WV | the Cathedral Café and Bridge Buttress.

World | my bucket list canvas.


What places should you be thanking and for what? Leave it in the comments below or write your own Travel Thanksgiving and send me a link!


Photo: Catoctin Mountain Park, MD



13 thoughts on “Thank you, Travel

  1. It is an interesting idea to lead your reader to the places that will end with where you will have thanksgiving. Well done, Also, thanks for the feedback on mine. It is not always easy to write pieces that are entirely grammatically correct the first time I post them. Thanks for reading!


  2. I absolutely love this! What a creative idea. I especially like the simplicity of your statements after each location. Sometimes it’s hard to wrap up travel in to one sentence, and this really was really cool to see how you captured each moment in a few words. Well done!!


  3. I like how you constructed this post! Girl you have been everywhere! That’s amazing! I haven’t traveled as much as my list would be, New York City, Florida, Virgina and South Carolina for Thanksgiving! I have go hit international waters soon for the holidays!


    • Thank you for the quick feedback, V! This post actually isn’t all of the places I have traveled to for Thanksgiving. It’s me giving “thanks” to places that I have been (not necessarily over the holidays) that left their mark on my life. Usually the holidays are spent at home with family haha.

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      • Ahh got it! Well then I like the list even more. Every place left a memorable mark on your life and what’s to come is even more exciting!


  4. What a fun idea! You’ve really presented these places in a nutshell to us. That’s what traveling’s all about, not so much the sights but the interesting things that happen while there and the people you meet. A lovely post!


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