Stone Fort (aka, Little Rock City), TN

First visit to the LRC
Location: Sonny-Daisy, TN just outside of Chattanooga
Reason for Visit: Bouldering
Duration of Stay: 3 Nights, 3 Days

Favorite Problems: As it was my first visit to Tennessee, I didn’t spend more than an hour or so at any one problem. There were boulders everywhere, and I only had 3 days! I had some serious work to do, but I hope to return one day to actually project some of the boulders. Also, I did not attempt any of the problems with sketchy landing zones since I was bouldering alone without a spotter.

Traversing towards the topout on “These Feel Like Your Sister’s”.
  • These Feel Like Your Sister’s (V3) — located on “Your Sister Boulder” across from the tall 5.10 wall. This problem has so many holds and many different ways to send. It was fun to come up with my own sequence up and to the left using the awesome holds. However, this climb also has some sharp spots so take care of your skin! See Instagram for video.
  • Super Mario (V4) — located in the “Super Mario Area” on the “Super Mario Boulder!” This problem is one of the most classic problems in the LRC. Definitely going to be a long term project for me, but the aesthetics of the boulder itself is enough to pay it a visit.
  • The Big Much (V4) — located in the “Jungle Gym Area” on the “Jerry’s Kids Boulder” across from “The Fish Market Boulder”. The first move is heinous, the last move is sketchy, and everything in between is super fun. I wasn’t able to link all of the moves for this one, but I had a blast attempting it and definitely plan to go back.
The Big Much
  • Deception (V7) — located in “The Back Nine Area” on “The Jigsaw Boulder.” It is quite obvious why this boulder is called the Jigsaw boulder! It looks amazing. This problem is also going to be a long term project for me, but the wall is a lot of fun to work on.
  • Warmup Arete (V2) — located in “The Main Area” on “The Frontside Boulder.” One of my favorite warmups of the whole trip. Slopers have been a big issue for me since a wrist injury last year, and this problem has slopers almost the entire way up. It felt great to work my wrists on this problem!
  • Brian’s Brain (V1) — located in “The Main Area” on “The Frontside Boulder” right next to the Warmup Arete. A fairly easy warmup, but an amazing boulder!
Brian’s Brain



  • Chattanooga Airport (CHA) — Chattanooga, TN: 20 minutes from downtown Chattanooga, 40 minutes from the LRC.
  • Nashville International Airport (BNA) — Nashville, TN: 2 hours from downtown Chattanooga, 2 hours 20 minutes from the LRC.
  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) — Atlanta, GA: 2 hours 10 minutes from downtown Chattanooga, 2 hours 30 minutes from the LRC.


  • The Crashpad: An Uncommon Hostel: Right in downtown Chattanooga, this place was perfect. The atmosphere, hospitality, and overall quality of this hostel get 5 well deserved stars from me. Just a warning, though, I hear often times people need to book a bunk months in advance during climbing season in Chattanooga.

    • They provide bread, eggs, Nutella, etc. for breakfast every morning. You just have to cook it yourself. They also have a fridge in the kitchen area to store your own food as long as you keep it labeled with your name and checkout date.
    • There are shared rooms with 12 bunks per room, 4 per area, and there are private rooms as well. Shared rooms go for about $35/night and the private are about $85/night. The bunks in the shared rooms have privacy curtains, personal lamps, an outlet, and a cubby with provided locks. The cubbies have enough space for 2-3 bags depending on size. I cannot speak for what is in the private rooms since I stayed in a bunk, but the bunk experience was well worth the price.
    • There is a private gravel lot for parking located behind The Flying Squirrel, a bar next door that is owned by the same people.
    • They also have a list of restaurants throughout downtown Chattanooga that provide discounts for people who are staying at The Crashpad, just show them your keys!

Guidebook: Stone Fort Bouldering, 2nd Edition which I was able to borrow from The Crashpad Hostel.

Crash Pad Rentals:

  • Anvil Crashpads: Pads must be obtained and returned during business hours, which are difficult to find. Yelp has them posted, but I wasn’t able to verify if the hours were correct.
  • The Crasphad: An Uncommon Hostel: As a guest, I was able to rent a large Organic crash pad for $12/day, the same price that Anvil Crashpads charges.

Climbing Gyms:

Food: Downtown Chattanooga has so many restaurants, and almost every single one of them has 4.5+ stars on Google! I have listed some of my favorites below.

  • Community Pie: Based on pictures of their pizza online, I wasn’t too psyched, but I got 10% off for staying at The Crashpad and I was hungry. After a 20 minute walk in the beautiful spring weather, I arrived at the restaurant and immediately got a table. My waiter was extremely kind throughout the entire experience. I ordered the Hot Hawaiian Neapolitan pizza, cooked in their awesome wood stove, and my waiter brought me some house dipping sauce for my crust. My lanta, that sauce was to die for. I ate the entire 12″ pizza, which I probably wouldn’t have done without that sauce! The actual pizza part is thinner because it’s Neapolitan, so don’t judge me too harshly. Following the pizza, I ordered some gelato: 1 scoop of Milk & Honey and 1 scoop of Pistachio. That is probably the only gelato I have ever had in America that actually tastes like it does in Europe! By the end of my experience, I was no longer skeptical of Community Pie. Instead, I left stuffed and extremely impressed.
  • The Hot Chocolatier: AMAZING CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES!!! I had the Bittersweet truffle, the Chocolate Soufflé truffle, and the “World famous” Macaroons. I could have eaten myself sick at this place. Their chocolates are also sold in some of the Chattz Coffee locations.
  • Maple Street Biscuit Company: My last meal in Chattanooga before heading to the airport and my stars! It was one of those experiences where I knew I was eating food that is absolutely not good for me, but hey, I’m in the South! Why not, right? I have no regrets. Every bite was delicious.



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